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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


VT's O

From BCO Pix2
Talented at every position and only center will be worse than last year (TT needs to stay healthy or all bets are off.) The fluff piece by HD (which fails to mention how good the team could have been w/an O) lays it on thick for Stiney. If the O sucks this year, even Beamer can't keep him, right? I am usually a bit pessimistic, but ... I am starting to think the O will be good. That said week 1, it might not be. Bammer's D will be great.

Hopefully soon I will take a hard look at it, I know FBS wants me to write something but I got no one to trash.

Bammer vs VT game
From BCO Pix2
I need to decide this week if I want to buy 4 tix, da Thrill, bobble and dirt ... interested? The Braves are in town vs Cincy + the other "clubs" downtown. Whattya think, boys weekend?

Caps Win!
From BCO Pix2
Great game and happy for all my NOVA friends. Hope I can be bandwagoneer and slip into a 2nd round game.

Beer Fest
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A 2 day event, 5k showed up (virtual sellout, standing room only) on Saturday, less than 2k on Sunday. BCO isn't smart but he did pick the right day to drink. Bear Republic, Bells, Stella, Sierra Nevada, Starr Hill, Southern Tier, Widmer, Lagunitas, Avery and I am sure a few more all sampled. Luckily, we could stand in the shade the whole day.

Random BCO Junk

+ 4 lbs from the weigh in on Saturday which was 183. I want anywhere from 185-190. Doesn't take much to put it back on.

Busy Life

Being a parent is busy ... weekly violin lessons, twice a week swimming lessons, trips around the neighborhood pulling the kids with the bike and teaching a 3 year old how to ride a bike. Cooking out the window? Eating right out the window? Blogging out the window? Who knew and the 18 month old isn't even doing anything yet!