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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Musings 2 Days in a Row

Break up the Nationals

Proud to be a nats fan I think ... back to back wins after losing a game where they scored 11 and had 5 home runs. Now 5-15 and only 8 games back after 20 ... could this be a real live Major League team?

I take back all this talk of me being a Walgreen's Natinals fan I said 2 days ago. Yes, the logo's are a bit similar.

From BCO Pix2
From BCO Pix2

Hmmmm ... not good, but it beats the Dodge Rame logo and it's similar counterpart.
From BCO Pix2

Any way a mini family vacation to NOVA may be in the works and a Nats game will be on the agenda, that and the zoo. Orangutan crossing!!
From BCO Pix2

Hell Yeah ... Hop Rod Rye
From BCO Pix2
Now available in 12 oz 4 packs in the 1o spot range. Great for the BCO, some days I only want (ok, I want more than 1 beer but diet says no) a 12 oz not a duece duece.

Hotlanta ...
From BCO Pix2
Here I come, it's in play as a guy's weekend! Hell yeah. Beer research in progress.
From BCO Pix2


G said...

Have you seen the hard fouls by Rajon Rondo in the Bulls-Celtics series and who they've been on?!!
Miller and Hinrich. I'm telling you really is something. Rondo is turning into a Kobe in this regard.

ebj said...

i saw it ... ummm, the miller foul was not kobe like. it could have been anyone and he would have hit him. on a related note, dwight howard doesn't like black canadiens.

HokieJayBee said...

Rondo is trash. If he weren't on the NBA's beloved Boston [or insert other certain teams here, ahem Kobe] - he would've been suspended for EITHER the Miller or Hinrich fouls.

The NBA couldn't have suspended him at the time of the Miller foul because Boston would have only had Pierce at that point. [Allen wasn't scoring 56 yet, KG is out]

In the heat of the moment of the first foul, fine, no flagrant. Upon, NBA office review after the game, should have been relegated post-game to a flagrant, if not a suspension.

Then, the Hinrich tackle, a second flagrant in two games? Ask Rasheed Wallace what that means.

But, the NBA couldn't do that. Then there wouldn't be their precious little Cleveland/Boston matchup on the horizon.

Although I can't say I'm horribly distraught about seeing a certain Paul guy get teabagged, and that's the TRUTH.

On the related note, Dalembert is a tough MF'er. I don't know if I'd want to try an elbow from Dwight, let alone laugh about it afterwards while swatting at it like it was a mosquito.

Related note part 2. My truck in the driveway takes personal offense to your uterus and ovary joke. Of course I guess some of the 395 Hemi-horses have to be female, so they can mate and make more.

ebj said...

HJB ... not my picture i just "borrowed" it from the interwebs, however i have thought they looked similar ever since i have seen the logo ... then again i could be a perv.