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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blurred Memories of Memorial Day Weekend 09

A great, great weekend of family and friends .... Friday thru Monday went very fast, too fast. Memorial Day weekend in Pine Island (Corolla, NC) is one of, if not my favorite weekend of the year. Not going to lie, the BCO partook of quite a few adult beverages starting at a half past noon on Friday until late Sunday nite. Memories on Memorial Day weekend are a bit blurry at times.

The sorta fast run down as best I can remember...


  • beer at OBX brew station at 12:30 sharp, a lemongrass wheat. Interesting.
  • Unpack then hit the pool with many Dale's Pale Ales following behind by 2pm.
  • Others arrive .... we drink. Waiting on Kiker ... waiting ... waiting .... laying my 3 yr old down to sleep ... I end up "falling" asleep beside her at like 9:30, 1o!!
  • Wakes up at 1:15 am and luckily did not go up stairs or would have start drinking with Kiker who just got in 30 mins earlier, just what I needed.
  • big breakfast ... then the beach. football, sand castles, running around
  • watching as my 3 yr old absolutely enjoys the hell out of some really cold atlantic ocean water. Somehow 4 kids from ages 6 to 3 chase me with pails of cold ocean water for 20 mins. Then I bury said kids to their neck in sand ... when do kids decide having sand in cracks n crevices aren't fun anymore? Lampe - Conman set 2 new paddle ball records this time not smacking an offspring in the head. New number to beat 630.
  • Kiker and his woman wake up at noon (shocking) and finally makes the beach, my 3 yr old tells him smoking is gross.
  • Laying off the beer, don't want a repeat of Friday night ... must stay up like an adult!
  • Lunch, then the wimins go shopping for a couple hours as the men take the kids swimming in the pool. water is warmer, BCO is missing baskets like a Cleveland Cavaliers' 3 pt specialist! Lampe and Con have a nice epic shooting contest won by Con on a shootoff.
  • The cornhole boards are out and beer finds my hands, first a Stone Pale Ale.
  • Last year's defending champ of Lampe - BCO ... the Todd Rodgers - Phil Dalhausser of Cornholing dispatched of Richard Head and Conman. Conman goes for backup and can only come back with Kiker. Best of 7 is on.
  • Lampe - BCO had a relatively easy time (both had a round of 3 cornholes in a toss) with Kiker - Conman team, everyone enjoys dinner, followed by more drinking. The end of the Best of 7 to come on Sunday, after much trash talking that night over beers we "rest" for the next day.

  • Mo' bigger breakfast, mo' beach and mo' games only to be chased off by a mean looking series of clouds
  • Lunch and the first beer of the day. Surprised?
  • Weather passes, it's Rock Band for Richard head and Conman as some kids sleep.
  • Everyone swims but the BCO who preps dinner, slightly spicy pork loin and chicken rub with homemade bbq sauce on the side w/roasted gold potatoes.
  • Cornhole, 2 games and the defending champs take it on home. Ruh-roh, Team Conman - Kiker win the first 2 and go up 3-2 in the series. Lampe in a funk, BCO calls for the switch of sides (back to the same sides as the day before) and he heats up, to a tune of 3 cornholes and 1 on the board to end the game forcing a game 7 ... after dinner.
  • Dinner and red wine and a lot more trash talking but the a quiet confidence fills the air around the champs. As Ric Flair always said, "To be the man, you gotta beat the man!"
  • An absolute ass whooping ... 21-3, the Lampe - BCO team drops 10 before the opponents ever get on the board. That only pisses us off and we tune 'em up some more. Anti-climatic like most BCS Championship games. Next year ... I need Tshirts made!!
  • Some how all the mens and most of the wimins are drunk and most* of the kids are beat and asleep. Asshole becomes the night game of choice, good memories.

  • packing and cleaning up.
  • saying good byes, pining for next year's retreat.
I am sure I forgot some good things ... I blame the beer. No pictures to protect the innocent.

* 1 kid may or may not have learned about THE college card game at an early age.


Liam's Oasis said...

One hell of a rendetion givin the amount of alcohol conusmed!

No worries on the T-Shirts...they'll be made and ready for next year!