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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Hokie Related Basketball

Easing my way back in as I try to remember the weekend that was and getting pics, a couple basketball related items.

All ACC Teams Decimated!

From BCO Pix2
Raleigh News & Observer had a cool article a couple weeks back showing what was left of the 15 players that made the 3 All ACC basketball teams. Three players ... that's it. 12 of the very best ACC ballers are gone, due to graduation, eligibility used up or going to the pros early. Two 2nd teamers, Trevor Booker F for Clemson, Kyle Singler F for doook and 3rd teamer and our own beloved Hokie combo guard Malcom Delaney. Talent drain and not just from the best players but many teams have taken hits and will look completely different from last season.
Big extremes are likely in overall experience. While Duke and Virginia Tech should retain four starters, North Carolina, N.C. State, Maryland, Miami and Wake could be experimenting with lineup combinations into mid-JanuaryAnd unless current Duke junior Gerald Henderson* opts out of the draft, the ACC will begin a season without a returning first-team all-conference member for only the third time since the league started in 1953-54.
Sure the ACC gets all world players every year to come in and be the next star, but there are years that the talent level is very down or so immature that the league takes a serious step back. Could that be the case in 09-10 season?

*Gerald Henderson hired an agent, he will not come back.

Speaking Freely
From BCO Pix2
Former Hokie standout Coleman Collins playing ball any place they will pay him and now writing for ESPN's TrueHoop. A great introduction can be found here. An excerpt...
The things written will be what I am absolutely sure are true, or what I am completely positive are not true. The discerning reader may decide which is which. There will be no retractions; or, failing that, all retractions will be made halfheartedly and grudgingly, through gritted teeth.

Irony and sarcasm are still alive, I hope, and if not we will do our best to resurrect them. There will be many topics to discuss over the summer.

Looking forward to reading his writings!