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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Events

Hokie Recruiting

From BCO Pix2
A QB ... A QB ... A QB, VT finally landed a quarterback that is relatively highly rated. Ricardo Young verbaled today, though I had info that he would a few days ago ... his cousin, Louis far behind? Shortly after moms and pops visits VT. Young is awfully skinny at 170, but he has grown 2" in the past year is from what I am hearing is close to 6'1". A dual threat guy who would rather pass, the BCO likes. Ricardo was heavily recruited by every non SEC school in the east. A solid prospect, expect 1 more QB. Leal or Henderson (though short apparently is impressive.)

Derrick Hopkins brother of r-fr Antoine is the other verbal today. He isn't 6' but apparently outside of Nick Acree the coaching staff thinks he, not Evan Hailes of Oscar Smith is the best DT in the state. Quick off the ball, low center of gravity and a Highland Springs pipeliner, a good get.

Rumors of a 3rd commit this weekend coming ... a big timer. I've got a couple of ins and hear a few things but even this one is past my lil network.

Just Manny being a Major Leaguer
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A cheat and if you think it just started, you are a head in the sand red sox homer. Big Papi, Nomar, Millar, Damon, Kapler, Pedro ... the list is long. It's not just the Yanks, O's, Mets, Rangers and A's. In baseball it's guilty until proven innocent.

Manny now has plenty of time to ebay more of his shit, like he did his grill a few years back.

Norfolk Tides
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The rain went away for 8 hours and I attended a minor league double header today (well most of both games.) The ticket, a little food, a few beers and hat ... spent $60. Take away the hat and it's 40 bones. Oh, my seat was 3 rows behind home plate. The worst seat at Harbor Park is better than 80% of the new Yankee Stadium seats or about anywhere else. It probably would cost me that much to park. Good times will be back on the 19th, weather permitting.

Good time, though I did feel a bit dirty cheering future wOes. Matt Weiters is a big guy, a throwback catcher, listed at 6'5"


Winfield Featherston said...

Dude! Matt Wieters is the shit! Was fortunate to watch him play for 2 years here at GT. The Orioles are very lucky to have him in their system.

Hokie Guru said...

we got Mark Leal... two QBs in one day... boo yah...

can't give you a hard time for minor league baseball... that is actually a good, economical family event...

ebj said...

huge get to have the qb situation sewed up ... unless someone decommits. i know henderson from nc LOVES vt. feel for him.

yeah, wieters is very impressive. when he fills out .. good lawds.

Winfield Featherston said...

So Fat Tire finally came to Georgia for the first time today...what are yalls thoughts?

ebj said...

fat tire is ok, but i am not an amber, marzen, octoberfest, etc guy ... unless it's highly hopped.

it's become a status beer, solid but there are better choices out there.

the only other new belgium beer i have had was 1554 (a belgian strong dark.) it was better in my opinion.

certainly, worth the try, don't let anyone tell you what beers to like. hell, i still drink a miller high life from time to time. goes down like lemonade.

HokieJayBee said...


miller high life light goes on sale at my food lion occasionally for $4.99 a 12-pack.

a $5 12-pack is like a sore dick, you can't beat it.

so for multi-beer nights, i'll drink a good dark stout or maybe a honey brew of some sort - and then it's on to the champagne of beers, light.