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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What kind of CrAP Was That?

BCO was doing some yard work and missed the first period of Caps vs Pens game 7. No biggie, I thought to myself, it will be a tight one all game.

From BCO Pix2
I get in 2-notta, Pens. Not good but hardly over, right?

28 seconds into Period 2, make that 3-0, Pens. Damn. Then 4-0 and the BCO relents to the 3 year old and puts on Scooby Doo and enjoys a Belgian Golden Strong Ale while a stoned Shaggy and Scooby get chased by a malfunctioning robot.

From BCO Pix2
Checking back in 30 mins later, not any better but the Caps did get some scratch on the board, but by now it's all but academic.

I knew it was over when Joseph Theodore replaced Simeon Varlamov in goal during the 2nd. Not a good game for Varlamov to stop standing on his head. To be fair, it wasn't all his fault from little I saw the Caps D was absolute ass ... again.

Alex Ovechkin did score a goal, giving him 15 pts in the series, which hasn't been done since 1995. Guessing even AO doesn't feel great doing so. On offense he was a 1 man show for the series, more times than not and Varlamov covered up for a shitty defense. The deeper, more consistent team won, but AO will have some sleepless summer nights fo' sho'.

From BCO Pix2
Final Pens 6, Caps 2
(pics taken from link above.)

The Caps have a great future, but it is apparent they need a few more pieces to make a run at Lord Stanley's Cup. I would guess they won't stand still, even in Ted keeps losing money on the franchise.

Sigh on a personal note, I did not make a hockey game this year. That sucks, but truth be told, I am glad I didn't go tonight either. My friends can't be happy, either shit faced and angry or depressing to be around. Sleep it off D and Rich, sleep it off.

Good news, next week is Memorial Day weekend.