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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Lil Something ... VT Football Related

I wrote this up last night ... still tired from my D.C. trip. A little short, but the numbers of relatives that play football for Frank Beamer is pretty surprising once added up.

From BCO Pix2

Southern Pigskin - A Family Tradition
Virginia Tech’s latest commit, defensive end Zack McCray, is continuing a decade long trend in that he is related to another Hokie football player. Virginia Tech Hokies football is a family tradition. No, not like that Hank Williams Jr, song, but a gathering for 4+ years in Blacksburg of brothers, cousins, fathers and sons to play football. Certainly this happens at many programs, VT is not the only one, but it does appear that VT gets more relatives than almost any school. More often than not, if a player is offered and a family member plays or played for the Hokies, they too end up signing with Virginia Tech.

Please if anyone wants to talk inter sectional football, sign up and help me out!