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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Musings Half Way Thru the Dead Zone

Random Musings ... while I wait 85 days til kickoff, in no particular order.

Enjoys 5 hour energy drinks too much!

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Soon ... 8 weeks or so from August practice for college football teams. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Being President of a Charity organization has kept me really busy. More than I thought and more than a few months ago. 2 months and I am the FORMER president.

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Five years later, I finally got a copy of The Grey Album. 5 songs in and it's pretty damn good. Danger Mouse is extremely talented mixing Jay Z and the Beatles, seemlessly.

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Need to decide tomorrow, do I brew or do I order a conical or do I try to make a conical for cheap. I really want to upgrade my brewing area and that is partly why I haven't brewed, being busy as balls is the other.

IPA Matchplay on July 11th at 6pm has 6 solid attendees, likely another 2-3. Gonna be a good night.

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Playing outdoor lunch basketball 2x a week. Hot as balls outside, but SPF 50 works for my noggin, unless the 3 yr old unpacks my bag again and I don't have it. Uggh, red head indeed! A slight ankle sprain today, just like old times. Good to get out and sweat. By the way, my weight has not increased now that the bet is 7 weeks over, it's actually dropped even more. 36 waist pants are way, wat to big. Hell even 34x34 are loose!

the Musings Main Event ....

VT vs Bama Weekend
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Labor day weekend could be one of the greatest weekends of all time.

leave for ATL on company gas card, either stopping in Raleigh for the first college game of the year, State vs Souf Kakalacki game (anyone got a ticket hookup?) or Charlotte for drinks w/college kids at the Flying Saucer beer bar. I really, really want the Pack/Cock game. I need a hookup, 3 tix.
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Meet with da thrill for drinks in midcity, maybe with some locals, then off to sweet, a few rows behind home plate Braves/Reds game for free. Kiker and Dick fly in from NoVa and meet up with us sometime on Friday. Finish the night in Midcity at 5 Seasons, hopefully with some Hokie bloggers, like Gobbler Country and College Game Balls and Winfield of Legacyx4 for more drinks before we go back to our Hilton $40 a night rooms.
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Start the day tailgating with Winfield for the GT vs Jax St game, then find some trouble before going to the VT vs Bama game at 8pm. After game ... hope to make it back alive!

Ride home hungover.

Beer post coming soon.


The Northerner said...

Five hour energy, as my fiance puts it: "...smells like the meth labs I used to drive past when I taught in Pulaski".

That shit works though. And it's now a new must-do before having 4+ hour sessions. Wish I tried it in college. Check that. That would have gotten me in a lot more trouble.

G said...

Did you notice the first flagrant foul of the NBA finals?

Will said...

Each Braves tix is worth $10, too. Hmmmmm shit beer (for free) or hot dog+chili+pnuts+gas for 2hrs?

Hockey game 7 = good TV.

Winfield Featherston said...

It's gonna be a long (but awesome) Labor Day Weekend....