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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some College Football

Part 2 of my Southernpigskin Ultimate ACC Roadtrip got dropped on the site on Wednesday.

From BCO Pix2
Link here.

I want to tailgate, sample the local cuisine, the local craft beer and of course the football, each team, stadium and atmosphere in the Atlantic Coast Conference. So far no one has stepped up to finance my dream trip, that’s probably a good thing as I would like to stay married. For those in your early 20’s and between jobs, look at this as a guideline to how you should spend your fall.
Week Nine
Thursday, October 29th
Virginia Tech vs North Carolina, Blacksburg, Va
*Tailgate food: Stadium Smoked Turkey Legs
*Tailgate craft brew: Blue Mountain Evil 8 Dubbel

Saturday, October 31st
Vanderbilt vs Georgia Tech, Nashville, Tn
*Tailgate food: Jack’s Texas Sweet Heat BBQ
*Tailgate craft brew: Yazoo Sly Rye Porter

Want big plays, excitement and ratings on ESPN Thursday nights, head to Blacksburg. Go light on the tailgate food and save your appetite for Stadium Smoked Turkey legs. They are amazing. This game is going to be great one. The ACC schedule makers did Carolina no favors in their quest to top VT by giving them the Thursday night special. Leaving Blacksburg two days before Halloween wouldn’t be an easy decision to make, unless it was for my first ever trip to Music City.

Leg one of this week’s trip is 581 miles, through four states, leg two in two days through two states isn’t much better at 419. One thousand miles and quite a few energy drinks, especially on Friday.

Making the Mountain West Baddass
From BCO Pix2
Was thinking bout the folks out west for some reason today. How can they be a part of the fun, year in, year out?

First, they need more than 9 teams, just like the Big East needs more than 8. 10 min to be a BCS level conference. They want inclusion, they want the money and I don't blame them. Can be argued both ways whether they deserve. I'll let you do that, I am playing hypothetical ... what can be done to knock that door open and make the BCS let them in.

The 9 members currently are Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, Texas Christian, Wyoming, BYU, San Diego State, UNLV and Utah.

The good: Utah, TCU, BYU
The avgerge: Air Force, CSU, UNLV
The bad: New Mexico, Wyoming, San Diego St

That's a bottom level BCS conference, most years and the others ... almost worthy of inclusion.

Let's get ballsy and have them go Super Mountain West, add Fresno State, Boise State and Nevada. That's 3 more good teams and better than the Big East every year and more than a couple years better than the Big1+10, ACC and Pac-10.

My Super Mountain West Divisions


Air Force
Colorado State
New Mexico
Texas Christian

Fresno State
Boise State
San Diego State

The west would be balls tough and may have to move Nevada or BYU for New Mexico or Wyoming for balance, even it throws off the east/west things.

As a college football, I want to see that. I also would like to see ECU and Central Florida to the Big East to give them 10, though 18 basketball teams would be stupid, even for them.


Winfield Featherston said...

I'll be in Nashville. I assume I should smuggle this Yazoo beer back to ATL with me?