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Monday, August 10, 2009

ATL on My Mind

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If it seems I am getting into the season slow ... you're right. Been keeping it on the down low so far. Part is being busy at work and not thinking about what to write. Part is being much busier with the wife and kids and part is ... I've been jacked up before to see the Hokie O let me down.

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By all accounts this is the best Hokie OL in a decade. The best set of backs since Suggs and Jones. The deepest group of wideouts at Tech, ever (though not as talented as the Royal, Morgan, Harper group ... yet.) Deep and talented group at Tight end, who can block, catch and run, likely the most talented group to lace em up for the Hokies.
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Now the 2 issues ... OC and QB. Tyrod can run, eveyone knows that, but the next step is passing accurately and for decent yardage. Less air under the deep ball, throw it before they are open, as opposed to throwing it when they are open and the ball gets there too late. Part is the OL, part is the wr, part is the system and part is him. Lot of damn parts, in there. Tyrod will have to run less, slide or go outta bounds more, cause depth is well ... nil. When the no. 1 TE recruit in the nation is starting out at QB cause the backup isn't trusted (per the QB coach) is not good. Tyrod CAN NOT get hurt. Finally Bryan 'Spongebob' Stinespring ... sigh. No more excuses. Not only must this O look good, they have to kick ass. Too much talent. When the coaches, Saban, Beamer, the Coordinators meet at midfield before the game ... guess who is the younger brother who has a lot to prove. Stiney. My thoughts on VT winning are very, very tempered are all due to him. I don't want to get unbelievably jacked for a fucking dog output by the O due to shitty game planning and game calling. I will not be Lucy'd!
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The D will play well, they have questions and could be taken advantage of, here and there but the Bammer O has questions as well. This will not be a repeat of the ass kicking LSU put on the Hokie D from 2 years ago.

I am sure I will get more excited as the game gets closer .... <4 weeks, college football is in the air. Caught part of the 01 Florida-Tennessee game today ... good times.


Liam's Oasis said...

Very well said....right on the mony. Enthusiasm is tempered...

HokieJayBee said...

tempered is right. i hate hype machines, at least for us. we are not good front runners. we are not good when we hear that we're good. remember shooting up to like #3 really early in the season in the early 2000's before one of our WVU, Pitt, BC stretch debacles?

i actually wish we were ranked like #15 now going into the GaDome to play a #5 'bammer.

my tempered feelings right now, and i know this will change with jim beam and my presence in the dome on september 5th, but my feelings right now just say a victory is to not get tattoo'd like we did at LSU a few years ago, or like clemson did last year with their hype machine against 'bammer.

but now that's apathetic and apologetic to stiney. is it that bad around here on the offensive side of the ball, that i'm admitting that i'd just be happy if we don't get mopped off the field with <10 points?

MadJay said...

Wow, I am really going to have to start reading this blog. I couldn't agree more. While so many people are getting fired up around me, I am getting more and more nervous and sick about how Coach Stinespring is going to find a way to mess up this amazing talent on offense.