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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

College Football Viewing Guide Week 6 (Legend Edition)

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Lots of great viewing games last week especially the 3:30 games but also 2 of the 3 late night games, only the SoCal/Cal game was a dog.. Notre Dame has been in the 2 best games to watch to date their loss to MissAgain and their win vs Udub. Great entertainment. Jimmy Clausen, the much joked on QB is a stud and Weis for all his personal and professional faults can certainly develop a qb and passing game. All 8 games on this list could easily come down to the end and all but maybe Wisky vs the Ohio State could be high scoring and exciting.
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Obviously I want to know where my Hokies stand, can they correct the D, can the passing game keep gaining traction and can they finally beat the Catholics of the ACC? Outside of that game, this is weekend is about a couple of legends and where they stand come 11:30ish Saturday night, Bobby "Dadgumit" Bowden and Tim "Chosen One" Tebow

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EVERY f$u player is in Bobby's camp. They love him, they don't want to blame him for the program's slip to mediocrity. He is at fault, since it is his team. If forced out it will get very, very ugly. He built the program and he may end up tearing it down, whether he stays or is gets forced out. Only way this doesn't happen, is if his noles turn it around (starting this weekend) or he steps down gracefully. Either could happen, though I am not sure it will. Like a car accident this is attracting a bunch of heads as we all slow down to watch. Also to say many of his coaches dislike each other is an understatement that was highlighted 2 weeks ago.

Chosen One
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Like MJ's flu stricken effort to capture his 6th NBA title vs the Jazz, this could be a career defining moment for Tim Tebow in a career that is littered with achievement. It's next level stuff. The problem is, for his health it may not be worth the risk, but as a young, cock sure 21 year old it's hard to tell him that. I hope the Dr's play it straight and are sure. I also hope he is ready and gives it a go and does what he does ... Wins. I think I may end up being disappointed, but we shall see on Saturday night.

Last week's picks and to date tally
straight up 7-1 to date 26-14 --- 65%
against the spread 7-1 to date 19-21 --- 48%

Finally a good weeks of picks, matching 7-1's! Half the credit is ebj, the other half is the Constanza effect. AGTS is still really low but now it's close to 50/50. Also, I know I picked on the blog both LSU getting and ugga covering ... I meant LSU getting, I swear it.

The Picks
New addition to the picks, is the team's AP ranking and overall record. Hope it doesn't get too crowded on that line. Getting or taking points is the spread pick, colored team is the straight up winner, as always.

Thursday, October 8th

21 Nebraska (3-1) [-3] at 24 Mizzou (4-0) 9:00 pm espn
A rare non east coast Thursday night game, featuring the improving Cornhuskers and the surprising Tigers. Is Mizzou for real or is has their easy sched make their record a mirage? We shall see, the last few years Mizzou has p0wned Nebraska. Nebraska's defense is much improved with DT Ndamukong Suh being the best player I have seen all year, regardless of positon. Strength vs Strength, Mizzou O vs Nebraska D. A nice Thursday night cfb shakeup. A Cornhusker win is good for VT.
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Saturday, October 10th

b.c. (4-1) [+13] at 5 VT (4-1) noon raycom/espn-gp/espn360
The underrated rivalry of the new ACC and right now the best. The teams are physical, play smash mouth and most importantly they play good football. Some teams over the years might have had more talent {cough} Clemson, f$u {cough} but not with the toughness, discipline nor physicality of the Hokies/Eagles. The records reflect that. VT's D is playing well for 85% of the game, but that other 15% is giving up A LOT of big plays. Not good. b.c. is rounding into form with Chris Weinke part II, Dave Shinski is getting his gridiron legs after a 7 year layoff playing minor league baseball flameout. This game will not be easy for VT and after 3 regular season losses in a row to a team VT use to dominate, they know this. Last week was uninspired, we are unlikely to witness a shitty effort like this again. I do expect VT to tackle much better and give Shinski, many, many new looks to confuse him along with a Grimm blitz or 2. This game will tell us where VT is at mentally and physically.
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15 Okie State [off] (3-1) at aTm (3-1) 12:30 pm fsn
After collasping from the pressure of being the chosen ones, the Cowboys now have a chance to rebound after beating up on some creampuffs since the Houston loss. aTm was looking much improved until below $EC average Ark&ass tuned up the Aggies. One bad game or is that game indicative of what aTm is? Guessing the Okie St spread is going do more and more of the same. Could be a shootout game as both teams have high powered offenses (yeah, the Aggies do!!!)

3 bammer (5-0) [-6] at 20 Ole Missed (3-1) 3:30 pm cbs
I am big Houston Nutt fan and for years have thought he is an underrated coach, but he needs to prove it NOW. After getting schooled in a trap Thursday night game in Columbia, it's his turn to do the same. The Rebs aren't a top 10 team, but they are capable of beating bammer, if the Tide come in half-assed. I don't think that will happen but you know it could and does happen all the time. Jevan Snead's NFL $$ is slipping away, this is the game he can get it all back and then some. The Nutter is going to have his guys give a premium effort (he's as good as any coach getting his home dog teams up for games.) Both teams play to their potential, bammer wins almost every time. Ole Miss's OC is Stiney-awful!
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Wisky (5-0) [+14] at the 9 Ohio State (4-1) 3:30 pm abc/espn
We know the Big1+10 is a bad football conference but a 5-0 team should at least be ranked, right? If Wisky can run it top 6-0, they'll be around 15 while tOSU moves to the 20s'. The winner here becomes co-faves with Iowa to be the conference champs. A balanced Badger O (they can pass!) is leading the way. They are scraping out tough, close wins and the Buckeyes aren't vintage. Going to be close, no matter who wins.

1 Florida (4-0) at 4 LSU (5-0) [+8] 8:00 pm cbs
The Game of the Day, to be played at night in Death Valley, the field surrounded by D-Runk Cajuns. It almost takes Jesus to come out with a win in those circumstances ... leading me to the chosen one, Tim Tebow. Last saw getting his bell rung and puking his guts out 2 weeks ago, can he play? If he can, will he be 100% and effective. If either are a no, Florida will lose. LSU isn't great, have some flaws on O and D but they are more than capable of beating Tebow led Gator attack in Baton Rouge and have to be considered the favorite in my mind if he can't go. Personally, I don't want Tebow to play unless he is a 100%, though you know he'd chew his arm off to get on the field, no matter what. If he does and leads them to a win, his legend gets that much bigger and who knew that was possible. Very curious to see how this turns out. Does he play, do they win or lose? Does he sit, do they win or lose? Lots of questions about him, Meyer, Florida and even LSU (slipped since Saban's recruits are gone?) will get answered this Saturday.
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22 GiT (4-1) [+2.5] at f$u (2-3) 8:00 pm espn2
A dog fight game! 1 team, the Yellow Jackets are playing to stay in contention to win their division. Even 1 loss submarines their chances from here on out. The other is battling the iconic legacy of their coach and program. A loss here puts the Noles at 2-4 with a realistic outlook of a losing record. Think the howls for Dadgumit to step down are loud now! A rubber meets the road game and must watch tv. GiT can't look ahead to VT next week cause they will get everything the Noles have left. But if the big play O of GiT tunes up the Defense, you could see another fight again between Executive HC, Chuck the Chest and HC in Waiting, Jimbo Fisher (apparently it happened before the USF game link.) I expect a high scoring shootout, with all left on the field and Dadgumit looking dazed and confused at the end of the game (and career?)

MissAgain (4-1) [+8] at 12 Iowa (5-0) 8:00 pm abc
Oh, Tate Forcier ... This close to being the Tim Tebow's chosen one replacement. For a true freshman, that kid is money. If DickRod isn't paying him, I suggest he start. Think he wishes he had Pryor now? Forcier is a job saver and in 2 years a qb for a top 10 team. The Wolverine D sucks balls but eventually that will come around, they aren't recruiting awful athletes. After the Hawkeyes impressive showing in the 2008 Fulmer Cup, you had to think it would pay off on the playing field soon ... 1 year later the team is vastly improved even if half have a record. For beating State Penn, they get props but now it's time they lose, I don't need any B1+10 even remotely sniffing the National Title picture. (Wisky doesn't count, late season implosions is their calling card.)
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Published a day early, I got after work drinks at the Bier Garden then a Widespread Panic/Allman Brothers concert to go to. Nothing like being hungover for your last day at your job.

A better slate of games on paper, let's see if it lives up to last week's games. Enjoy.


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