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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Quick Thoughts

That sucks but having seen the D get shredded all season, not that surprised. That sorta sucks, not being surprised. This actually diminishes GiT a lil. If UNC can run on tech ....

The O

  • UNC played the bammer/nebraska defense with NFL quality players. This did not surprise me.
  • DL 2nd only to bammer in talent though no Cody, Suh type studs.
  • Carter is a freak.
  • O for 2 games in a row did not take advantage of good, early field positon.
  • Williams is still my boy
  • Get off Randall is tons better than Tyrod Taylor. Ummm, Randall midway thru his Jr year ... was not.
  • Decent receivers but a game breaker would be nice.
The D
  • UNC's OC did an amazing job attacking Bud.
  • Foster is trying and doing things but the team is limited.
  • Nekos Brown had 1 play all night, the first one.
  • The DT's are getting owned now by UNC (who has a below avg OL) bammer, Nebraska and GiT previously owned them. A trend.
  • The middle linebackers are average at best, combine that with a below avg VT DL, bad news.
  • Kam is not a free safety
  • Corners are fine as is Cody Grimm.
  • Really can't be argued, it shows week in and week out.
ECU will not be easy, I can easily see a loss here. Their OL, QB and RB will test the front 7 of the Hokies big time.