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Monday, January 4, 2010

Bowl Collusion Series 4 Year Do-Over

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Ok, lets get some things out the way. I like the bowls, I somewhat like the playoffs. I personally don't think the no. 8 team should have the right to play for it all. I do think the top 3-5 teams can usually make a case. In my perfect college football world, a plus one is the way to go. I think it would be a HUGE $ generator and why they morons that be can't see that, is beyond me (and you.)

The bowl system is never going to go away ... and good. I mean what Hokie doesn't feel good waxing Lane Kiffin? Or the noles sending off the neers? That said, with parity at the top, let's pair it down to 4 and see what happens. Sure some years there is a 5th team that should be involved ... tough titties and yes, some years a 4th team lucks in ... good for them.

I think the BCS is damn collusion making sure after all the Bowl games are played there is a clear no. 1 and nothing like the 2003 season when both USC and LSU had a split between the coach's and AP polls. This makes for some pretty poor other BCS games, highlighted by the the 2 lil engines that could, TCU and Boise State this year. These guys need to show the world they can play ... again. OU and Bama believe, trust me. I am going to show the last 4 years of BCS games, the BCS rankings, match ups, my gripes and how I would have set them up (without knowledge of how the games would play out i.e. who's overrated.) The top 2 seeds play in their normal BCS bowl, $EC in the Sugar, Big1+10 in the Rose, Big12 in the Cotton (hey I needed a 5th bowl and this one needs/will be brought back,) etc. This crazy idea is also taking into account the Rose Bowl isn't being a total douche about ... everything. I want more compelling match ups but will keep the conference affliations, as best as possible.

Initially I thought the Big1+10 got too many BCS games due to their traveling party size and past football glory, but in retrospect only 1 (Illa-noise) needed to be dropped and 1 actually should have been added (Wisky.) All BCS conference champions were kept in, though a couple ACC and Big East teams probably weren't deserving, which means at least 2 shit games were still played. Had to also consider teams w/small fan bases being paired up with traveling fan bases.

Another thing, I know part of it is the weak ACC but why does the Orange Bowl draw the short damn straw almost every year for shitty BCS games?

Well here's how I would have laid it out thru the years ...

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BCS Final Rankings
  1. Alabama 13-0
  2. Texas 13-0
  3. Cincinnati 12-0
  4. TCU 12-0
  5. Florida 12-1
  6. Boise State 13-0
  7. Oregon 10-2
  8. Ohio State 10-2
  9. Georgia Tech 11-2
  10. Iowa 10-2
  11. Virginia Tech 9-3
  12. LSU 9-3
BCS Match ups
Rose Bowl: #8 Ohio State (10-2, Big Ten Champion) vs #7 Oregon (10-2, Pac-10 Champion)
Sugar Bowl: #5 Florida (12-1, At-large) vs #3 Cincinnati (12-0, Big East Champion)
Fiesta Bowl: #6 Boise State (13-0, WAC Champion, At-large) vs #4 TCU (12-0, MWC Champion, BCS #4, Automatic non-AQ)
Orange Bowl: #10 Iowa (10-2, At-large) vs #9 Georgia Tech (11-2, ACC Champion)
National Championship Game (at the Rose Bowl): #2 Texas (13-0, Big 12 Champion) vs #1 Alabama (13-0, SEC Champion)

BCO Gripe
TCU playing Boise State

BCO Match ups
Sugar Bowl: Bammer vs Cincy - ummm given what we know now ... a laugher though Kelly would still be there.
Cotton Bowl: Tejas vs TCU - would be an amazing game though UT fans would make up 80% of crowd

Other BCS
Orange Bowl: GiT vs Iowa - a ho-hum game
Fiesta Bowl: Boise st vs Florida - let Boise St 1 up their OU win by beating God and the Gators
Rose Bowl: tOSU vs Oregon - very good clash of styles matchup

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BCS Final Rankings
  1. Oklahoma 12-1
  2. Florida 12-1
  3. Texas 11-1
  4. Alabama 12-1
  5. USC 11-1
  6. Utah 12-0
  7. Texas Tech 11-1
  8. Penn State 11-1
  9. Boise State 12-0
  10. Ohio State 10-2
  11. TCU 10-2
  12. Cincinnati 11-2
BCS Match ups
Rose Bowl: #5 Southern California (11-1, Pac-10 champion) 38, #8 Penn State (11-1, Big Ten champion)
Orange Bowl: #19 Virginia Tech (9-4, ACC champion) vs #12 Cincinnati (11-2, Big East champion)
Sugar Bowl: #6 Utah (12-0, MWC champion, BCS #6, Automatic non-AQ) vs #4 Alabama (12-1, At-large)
Fiesta Bowl: #3 Texas (11-1, BCS #3, automatic) vs #10 Ohio State (10-2, At-large)
National Championship: #2 Florida (12-1, BCS #2, SEC champion) vs. #1 Oklahoma (12-1, BCS #1, Big 12 champion)

BCO Gripe
nothing too egregious

BCO Match ups

Cotton Bowl: OU vs Bammer - part 1 of the $EC-B12 dance.
Sugar Bowl: Tejas vs Florida - part 2, sorta like a home and away

Other BCS
Fiesta Bowl: Utah vs Cincy - sorta dog game, oh well. Utah better travel.
Orange Bowl: VT vs Boise State - this would garner a lot of interest, not just in Idaho & Blacksburg
Rose Bowl: USC vs State Penn - tradition ... B1+10 annual USC ass kicking

From BCO Pix2
BCS Final Rankings
  1. Ohio State 11-1
  2. LSU 11-2
  3. Virginia Tech 11-2
  4. Oklahoma 11-2
  5. Georgia 10-2
  6. Missouri 11-2
  7. USC 10-2
  8. Kansas 11-1
  9. West Virginia 10-2
  10. Hawaii 12-0
  11. Arizona State 10-2
  12. Florida 9-3

BCS Matchups
Rose Bowl: #7 Southern California (10-2, Pac-10 champion) vs #13 Illinois (9–3, At-large)
Sugar Bowl: #5 Georgia (10–2, At-large) vs #10 Hawaii (12-0, WAC Champion, BCS #10, Automatic non-AQ)
Fiesta Bowl: #9 West Virginia (10-2, Big East champion) vs #4 Oklahoma (11–2, Big 12 champion)
Orange Bowl: #8 Kansas (11–1, At-large) vs #3 Virginia Tech (11–2, ACC champion)
National Championship: #2 LSU (11–2, BCS #2, SEC champion) vs, #1 Ohio State (11–1, BCS #1, Big Ten champion)

BCO Gripes
Worst year by far. Kans-ass over Mizzou, Illa-noise over ASU, Orange getting the Turd bowl 2 years in a row.

BCO Match ups
Rose Bowl:
tOSU vs VT - VT fans would gobble up tix to go west. Teams would mirror each other.
Sugar Bowl: LSU vs OU - a very nice matchup, but a home game for LSU

Other BCS
Cotton Bowl:
Mizzou vs USC - Spread vs Proset in B12 territory
Fiesta Bowl: Hawaii vs ASU - dog game but ASU would sell the tix and Hawaii would at least make a game out of it.
Orange Bowl: ugga vs w Fn vu - rematch from 2 yrs earlier, thinking ugga would have revenge, while w Fn vu was motivated. Could have been classic.

Swapping VT and ugga would be very interesting, making a hot shit Orange bowl.

From BCO Pix2
BCS Final Rankings
  1. Ohio State 12-0
  2. Florida 12-1
  3. Michigan 11-1
  4. LSU 10-2
  5. Louisville 11-1
  6. Wisconsin 11-1
  7. Oklahoma 11-2
  8. USC 10-2
  9. Boise State 12-0
  10. Auburn 10-2
  11. Notre Dame 10-2
  12. Arkansas 10-3
BCS Match ups
Rose Bowl: #5 Southern California (10-2, Pac-10 champion) vs #3 Michigan (11-1, BCS #3, automatic)
Fiesta Bowl: #8 Boise State(12-0, WAC Champion, BCS #8, Automatic non-AQ) vs #10 Oklahoma (11-2, Big 12 champion)
Orange Bowl: #6 Louisville (11-1, Big East champion) vs #14 Wake Forest (11-2, ACC champion)
Sugar Bowl: #4 LSU (10-2, At-large) vs #11 Notre Dame (10-2, At-large)
National Championship (at the Fiesta Bowl): #2 Florida (11-1, BCS #2, SEC champion) vs #1 Ohio State (12-0, BCS #1, Big Ten champion)

BCO Gripe

ND in

BCO Match ups
Rose Bowl: tOSU vs LSU - Part 1 of Big1+10 vs $EC
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs MissAgain - part 2

Other BCS

Orange Bowl:
Wake Forest vs Wisky - shitty, wisky would run roughshed VT style over WF
Cotton Bowl: OU vs Looeyville - high octane O vs high octane O, the difference, 1 team had a D
Fiesta Bowl: Boise State vs USC - could you imagine USC fans with their noses in the air and how great it would be if BSU won on Statue of Liberty!

This was sorta fun to do, a pipe dream I know.


HokieJayBee said...

/agree/ with most, if not all, of your sentiments. although some of my own, and your, thoughts are wind-aided by 20/20 hindsight.

re: a plain-jane playoff system - i also personally agree that 8 is too many to let in, unless they're just flat out beast [like a 2009UFlor/UAla situation], a conference shouldn't necessarily have two participants in the final "playoffs" for the national championship. if you can't win your conference, you shouldn't be able to win the nation [on a normal basis]. allowing 8 in would allow too many double conference entries, and many years would have two conferences with double entries. [[side note: am i currently getting away with saying "double entries" and no one snickering?]]

but i also [personally] don't like the plus-one idea totally. it doesn't give any benefit to being #1 or #2. especially since we'd just be using the current bowl sites to host the games. there would be opportunities for the #1 or #2 team to actually get f'ed. like say it's the sugar bowl's year to host the #2/#3 matchup. and say Oregon is #2 and LSU is #3, total f'ing of Oregon even though they earned #2. or say UF is #1 and USC is #4 and it's the Rose's turn to host the #1/#4 game. you see where i'm going.

my point is that the current system *only* allows #1 and #2 a shot, and that's not enough. letting 8 teams in seems too much. the current system modified to a plus 1 doesn't give any benefit to earning the #1 or #2 seed. so i say happy medium. go NFL style.

#1 bye
#2 bye
#3 vs #6
#4 vs #5

#1 vs worst seed available
#2 vs best seed available

winner vs winner

this is 5 games. so it could be the current 4 bowl set-up with the current rotating location for the 5th bowl, or you could include the Cotton as you suggested.

the only thing i like about an 8 or 16 team playoff is the rotation that could occur for the lower tier to second tier bowls. you could leave the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange to be the final rounds every year [rotating on who gets to host the big one] - *and* you could make the semis and earlier games rotate through a short list of other good bowl locations [cotton, gator, peach, etc.].

i also have no counter-argument for those that would say even 8 or 16 is too few - they let even #65 get a chance to win a basketball championship.